Today started off with me asking, “wait…do I still have a blog?“. The answer apparently is…yes.

Good, now that’s settled onto what I was thinking about in bed last night. I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Who here loved the ’90s? Who here loved the music of the ’90s?

If you answered: “me!” “I did!” please read on…

If you answered: “I DO!”, the present tense indicating that you are either delusional and believe the 90’s never ended, or more likely that you are holding on to that decade tightly in the hopes that it never leaves you… you should have already skipped this and read on below.

The music of the ’90s was such an integral part of everything the decades means/meant. But in a lot of ways it was a decade of one (or even 2-3) hit wonders. Your Eve6s, Lisa Loebs, and Blind Melons, a veritable bevy of trivia night answers.

And in this orgy of amazing music, more often then not, these smaller bands had their moment and then left the spotlight, which left me thinking about the ones who had better songs then the radio would acknowledge.

And so I present, in my own opinion, Buried Great Songs of the 90s, sometimes buried by other very good songs, but still buried and herd by too few.

If you are a connoisseur of 90s music, these may not be a shock for you. But maybe, even then you might find one or two new songs to love, so please listen on and enjoy. All songs should be linked!

True One-Hit Wonders:

The Wallflowers:

One-Hit – “One Headlight”

Other Amazing Songs – “The Difference” , “Sleepwalker”

Better Than Ezra:

One-Hit – “Good”

Other Amazing Songs – “A Lifetime” , “Desperately Wanting”


One-Hit – “Closing Time”

Other Amazing Songs – “Singing In My Sleep” , “Never You Mind”, “Secret Smile”

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:

One-Hit – “The Impression That I Get”

Other Amazing Songs – “The Rascal King” , “Royal Oil”

Ben Folds Five:

One-Hit – “Brick”

Other Amazing Songs – “Army” , “Boxing”


Other Songs By Successful Bands:

Third Eye Blind:

Songs You Probably Know – “Semi-Charmed Life” , “Jumper” , “How’s It Going to Be”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Motorcycle Drive By” , “Narcolepsy” , “God of Wine”

Blues Traveler:

Songs You Probably Know – “Run Around” , “Hook”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “But Anyway”

Counting Crows:

Songs You Probably Know – “Mr. Jones” , “Round Here” , “Long December”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Holiday in Spain”, “A Murder of One”, “Angels of the Silences” , “Einstein on the Beach”


Songs You Probably Know – “Buddy Holly” , “Say It Ain’t So” , “Undone – The Sweater Song”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “El Scorcho” , “Only In Dreams” , “Why Bother?”


Songs You Probably Know – “Comedown” , “Machinehead” , “Glycerine”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Little Things” , “Everything Zen”


Songs You Probably Know – “Lightning Crashes” , “Selling the Drama” , “I Alone”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Pain Lies on the Riverside” , “Turn My Head” , “The Dam at Otter Creek”

Foo Fighters:

Songs You Probably Know – “Monkey Wrench” , “My Hero” , “Learn to Fly”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “This is a Call” , “Hey, Johnny Park!” , “Walking After You”

Goo Goo Dolls:

Songs You Probably Know – “Name” , “Iris” , “Slide”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Long Way Down”

Smashing Pumpkins:

Songs You Probably Know – “Today” , “Tonight Tonight” , “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Thirty-Three” , “Zero” , “To Sheila”

Gin Blossoms:

Songs You Probably Know – “Hey Jealousy” , “Follow You Down” , “Found Out About You”

Amazing Songs You Might Not Know – “Lost Horizons” , “Pieces of the Night”


MOST BURIED ALBUM OF THE ’90s – “Feeling Strangely Fine” by Semisonic – (6) Excellent Songs buried under one hit. (Closing Time)

GREATEST AND MOST BURIED SONG – “Motorcycle Drive By” by Third Eye Blind – Buried on a album including (5) Singles – 4 of which would be U.S. Billboard Top 13 hits and (3) of which would be Top 10 hits. Arguably the greatest album of the ’90s.