Campaign Season

May 26, 2010

My wife and I decided to get rid of cable about 2 months ago and have not looked back since. It was a tough decision as I watched quite a lot of tv.

But that is the main reason I wanted it gone. It had become background interference in our lives, always on just for noise or something to stare at and let your eyes go unfocused for a few brief moments of unthinking peace in a long tiring day.

Ever since then, I have honestly felt better in general. I listen to the radio instead of having 24/7 Sports Center filling the in-between show slots.

We still get the core networks in HD through a normal antenna (the irony of being amazed that you can get picture just through the airwaves without any box was not lost on us). So we watch our few choice shows that are still quality in an ever growing sea of garbage.


We were watching I believe a rerun of The Simpsons, when during a commercial break (most of which I mute out of instinct now), the first political ad I have seen this year came on.

It was an anti current governor of Ohio ad, focusing entirely on his inadequacies and more to the point his lack of anything positive to advertise.

So in effect this was an ad, showcasing how little he has done, and how what he has done is actually bad, to the point that his ads supposedly have nothing to say except bad things about his opponent.

Yes, you heard me. The blatant hypocrisy left me slack-jawed.

As I have professed before, there are few things that get me agitated. Hypocrisy, stupidity, and irrationality are a few.

I’m pretty sure I voted for the current governor but that does not mean I would have done so again when up for re-election.

I do not blindly succumb to party lines, although often I do tend to lean one way over the other.

After seeing this ad, not only can I not name the opponent who is running against him, but this may have shored up my vote

for the incumbent, as I would have a hard time voting for someone who is supported by such petty, childish, ignorant methods.

I know that all politicians essentially do this and that’s fine. This instance caught my attention enough to address it.

I always wonder how other people see these commercials. And by that I mean purhaps people who are not as either intelligent or aware as myself. I don’t mean that in a condescending way, just honest.

Do these commercials sway “the average voter”, they must otherwise I find it hard to believe that the highly paid thinktanks that produce such ads would continue to do so. And I suppose that the scarce number of people these methods turn away hardly make an impact on the final election figures. Though I would think a larger percentage of intelligent people end up voting, the population numbers are still probably so far skewed as to make any difference at all.


Candidates should only talk about what they have done or will do if elected. They should not mention the others they are running against at all.

Can you think of any other job where during the interview, you make a case for yourself by bad mouthing the person who currently has the job or the others applying for it? Of course not, no one would want to hire some one so petty.


2 Responses to “Campaign Season”

  1. Wife :) Says:

    Now, unfortunately I have to clarify who the ad sponsors were, as I made a point of noticing. It was paid for by the Republican Governor’s Association; therefore, it was not even from the candidate, but merely (presumably) on his behalf. To further the analogy, it’s like having your future boss badmouth the current jobholder to the interview committee because he wants you to have the job… It seems that it would be almost better, even, had it been from one candidate to another, but to be an outside source makes the situation even more ludicrous…

  2. nick Says:

    No no no.. it approved by the candidate and campaign managers. Campaigns are careful chess games now a days, even move planned.

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